About Us

Stormwater Management Consulting is a dba of HERServices, Inc. in Las Vegas, NV. Our new vision was created to focus more emphasis on stormwater quality management.

Glenn Hale 400Glenn S. Hale has been working in stormwater drainage design for 25 years. His career started with working with the USGS Water Resources Division running stormwater hydraulic and channel scour calculations with an associated publication from USGS on the West Folk of the Carson River.

• Williams, R.P., Crompton, E.J., and Hale, G.S., 1997, Summary of level 1 and level 2 analyses of bridge scour at selected sites in the Carson River Basin, Nevada, 1995-96: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 96-658-A, 26 p.

In addition he has worked in the land development business as a civil designer and professional civil engineer in Nevada designing stormwater drainage systems for several land development projects. Glenn has worked with local government as a technical drainage study reviewer which included designs associated with post construction stormwater quality site controls commonly referred to as "Best management practices," now referred to as Control Measures.

He also understands water chemistry with a MS degree from Penn State University in Environmental Pollution Control affiliated with Agricultural Engineering. He is also a Nevada Certified Environmental Manager. He has worked in the environmental consulting field for industrial and government clients in Pennsylvania, California as well as Nevada.

Glenn is currently working the Clark County MS4 Stormwater Compliance inspection project through HERServices, Inc. contract. The work involves reviewing local industrial and construction sites for compliance with NPDES stormwater quality discharges to the public drainage systems. He has considerable knowledge in the field of stormwater drainage design and water quality management practices in Nevada and understands the unique policies and regulations associated with stormwater issues.

Storm Water Drain PipesGlenn recently obtained additional training in stormwater quality management classes and has these certifications.

  • Water Pollution Control Manager - NDOT projects
  • Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control
  • California Qualified SWPPP Developer and Practitioner QSD/QSP
  • MS4 Compliance & Enforcement Certified Inspector

Consulting Marketing

  • Initial consultation with client
  • Identify what services are they looking for in stormwater management
  • Prepare Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan in Nevada
  • Provide site audits for compliance with industrial or commercial stormwater management practices
  • Offer on-site or office training at the Southwest Compliance & Safety Training Institute